Dogsfriends was started in the Spring of 2005 by a group of friends who, at the time, were working with a number of different dog charities.

Whilst recognising the need for funds to finance a wide range of services for the welfare of dogs, they decided to concentrate their efforts on direct re-homing work in the vicinity of where they all lived and that is what they are now doing as a team –
finding better homes for unwanted and unloved dogs in the Bristol, Bath and Somerset areas.

Dogsfriends is now well established and to help with fund raising it was registered as a Charity on 5 April 2009. The Registered Office is at Celtic Way, Bleadon, Somerset BS24 0NF and the Stables at Priddy is where all the dogs due to be fostered go to be assessed and assigned to a Foster Carer.

Who we are
Board of Trustees:

Rosemary Peacock, Chairwoman
John Thurmand, Secretary
Sally Baker
Julian Coles
Lyn Dunn

We have no paid member of staff and all our helpers are volunteers.

Latest Report and Accounts
Click here to download our latest Report and Accounts. As can be seen, by far and away our largest cost is vet bills and that is why we set up the Meds for Mutts Club - click here for details