This week our dog of the week is ASLAN


Breed: Malamute

Age: 10 years

Minimum Donation: to be agreed




Aslan arrived here right at the beginning of this year.  He had been abandoned on the Brecons, done his time at the Pound there and then came over to us for rehoming.  He and his background was a total mystery.  Aslan was not chipped and was in a poor state.  We had to have a lot of vet treatment given to him, including a lot of dental work.  Despite his  sad, neglected, stiff state, he was, and continues to be, very friendly and well trained.  He went to a foster home and thrived there.
Sadly, Aslan has been to two new 'forever' homes and neither worked out.  The first home could not get their other (little) dogs to accept him in their home.  The second home sadly decided he was not right for them and their situation.
So we are hoping it will be third time lucky for him!!!  He is on permanent medication to help with his stiffness and arthritis. He has an amazing full coat which needs regular grooming.  His weight needs monitoring as he has come back here slightly too chunky which is not helping his hips.  Aslan just loves to pottle around so would love a big garden or fields to be able to roam about it.  He adores human company and is just great.  Our vet aged him about 10 years old.  I would so love to know where he spent his life up until the time he was abandoned...…………..


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