This week our dog of the week is LOLLY


Breed: Terrier x

Age: 2 years old

Minimum Donation: £200.



Lolly is extremely loving and loves being brushed and cuddled. She needs lots of exercise and stimulation. Her basics - sit, down, stay are fairly established. She is good on and off the lead, recall is not perfect - selective terrier hearing! She is playful with dogs she knows but Lolly will probably try to dominate the other dog. Meeting strange dogs she is fearful and barks. Her previous family had her nearly 2 yrs and  tried really hard to help her overcome her anxieties and guarding behavior. However, a family with small children was not the best arrangement for her and she nipped them.


For these reasons, Lolly is going to need a calm household with no small children and no other animals.


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