This week our dog of the week is ALASKA


Breed: Siberian Husky
Age: 13 months
Minimum Donation: £200.
Alaska is a beautiful 13 month old Siberian husky who arrived in very unexpectedly.  We have zero information about her, other then she appears to have been passed around to unsuitable people.  She is now very confused and wary to everyone and everything !!!  The poor girl.  She was very good with our vet when she had her health check and started her vaccinations.  But we all agree that Alaska needs to find a Husky-experienced home and someone who is willing to nurture and really care for her in the ways she needs.
So Alaska is looking for a special home please.  It is so sad that she, and so many other dogs, have had such an unsettling and upsetting time.  If only people would truly research the breed of dog they think they want to make sure they can fulfil all the dogs needs and thereby have a happy, balanced, safe dog...…...
We are checking on his attitude to other dogs but definitely not to be re-homed around sheep or small furry things (probably including cats).



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