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 Breed: Parsons Jack Russell Terrier x

Age: 7 years old

Minimum Donation: £200



Cats: Will chase them to the ends of the earth and definitely couldn’t live with one – typical terrier.

Other dogs: He gets on well with some dogs, but not others. Hates German Shepherds after being bitten by one, but will ignore them if they ignore him. He responds better around other dogs when he’s not with me as he can get quite protective and jealous when I’m there, but often this just results in him grumbling and sometimes growling. He doesn’t like very excitable dogs (especially puppies) as he likes his own space and a calm environment, although often he’ll end up enjoying a game of chase eventually. Responds better with other dogs when off lead. He has bitten other dogs before as a warning (bite and let go), not an attack. This doesn’t happen every day or even every week, but as a result we muzzle him on all walks, but let him off the lead.

Children: As Eddie can be grumpy, and children can’t read the signals, we don’t let him engage with small kids. Eddie has never responded badly to small children but we don’t take any risks. He can walk past them on his walks and just ignores them.

 Men/women: Eddie is generally better with women than men, although he loves some men. They tend to be the men who are gentler with him. Eddie doesn’t really like my husband as he tends to guard me from him. Most of the time this manifests itself as whining, pacing and being unsettled. Eddie does bark at Paul when he returns home from work (I am already in the house) and he does try to bite him sometimes … Eddie would be better living with one person.
Physical health: Eddie has an ongoing airways disease – bronchitis and rhinitis – which he will have for life. However, he takes medication which completely manages this condition, apart from the occasion spell of wheezing and sneezing. Without the medication his coughing and sneezing becomes extreme (coughing and sneezing fits that result in his smashing his head on the floor, poor lad). He has one puff a day on an inhaler. Our pet insurance covers him for this condition for life and our pet insurers are open to the idea of transferring the policy into someone else’s name.
Separation anxiety: Eddie can cope with being left alone as part of a routine, but can’t cope at all when being left outside of routine, by me. We can leave Eddie at home when we got to work (leave at 8:30, back at 6-ish), and he has a dog walker take him out for 2 hours in the day. We can’t leave him at weekends and in the evenings, as this is out of routine. We’ve had behaviourists, done training and – ultimately – he doesn’t want to be alone and howls on and off for most of the time we’re away. This doesn’t apply if my husband leaves him out of routine, but when I do he can’t handle it. He’s a worry wort!
 Eddie has his issues but he’s such a lovely boy when you’re ‘his person’, as I have had the pleasure of being.
Ideal home: A woman or a gentle man who lives alone, enjoys a quiet life with routine, and doesn’t have any young grandkids/kids around. Someone who won’t leave Eddie alone, or if they do only for short periods, as part of a routine. Eddie likes walks but mainly for the company, so he would be fine living with someone who didn’t go out that much. For this person Eddie will be a loving and loyal companion, who’s character and quirks will provide a lot of joy and happiness.
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