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Breed: Crossbreed

Age: 12 months old

Minimum Donation: £200



Bear was re-homed by us last year but sadly, his new family have encountered issues and feel he would be better off in a different environment. They say that Bear is very loyal and protective of his owner and the house.

He is trained to sit and lie. Bear likes women but doesn’t like men very much although he has become used to the owner's husband and there is an acceptance of him now and he will sit and cuddle with him too.
He is happy to walk on the lead but does pull where he wants to go. They have been using a lead to deal with this and when wearing it he walks nicely. He does like to be off the lead and run and comes when called by the owner. However not good with returning to her husband. He likes to run and play with many dog types, loves to run with Whipets/Greyhounds but hasn’t liked Pugs, Dalmatians or Alsatians where he has shown aggression.
He is a destroyer of tennis balls but will fetch when there are two balls. He likes to run off with the ball rather than give it back sometimes.
He is fed dried dog food which he enjoys. He likes chews and is trainable with treats. Has shown some food aggression when he has a bone. He sleeps in a cage downstairs at night happily. He gets anxious when left but does settle. Ideally a home where he has company a lot of the time would be best.  A home without children or cats would be needed.
He needs more training and security to progress and learn right from wrong and to trust people. He is very protective of the home/garden, jumps up, barks and has bitten when men enter the house. Also gets protective when the post arrives running around, barking and jumping at the door.
Bear is still very puppyish and enjoys chewing on empty plastic bottles and containers. He also loved all the wrapping paper at Christmas, being in his element chasing the screwed up paper and shredding it.
He enjoys attention, being loved, cuddles and likes to be close by, he is like a little shadow always being happy with a smooth.


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