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Breed: German Shepherd

Age: 10 years old

Minimum Donation: £200



Marley found himself in rescue through no fault of his own; this handsome, gentle and charismatic dog found himself homeless when his owner passed away just before Christmas.  He is currently in a foster home.

Marley is a gentle dog who settles well at home when there are people about.  He is a typical GSD in that he will bark when he hears a suspicious noise outside, but will settle when asked.  Despite his age, he is very playful and likes to chase and be chased by people, as well as play with balls.  He loves going on walks and has quite a bit of energy; Marley becomes totally focused on his environment and so his new owner would need to work hard with him to build a bond and to get a good recall - at the moment he does not go off lead.
He is generally very friendly towards people, although he has jumped up and barked at some people when out on a walk - we have not yet found the trigger for this behaviour but we are working on eye contact and making the right choices (turning towards us instead of barking).
We have not yet mixed Marley with other dogs.  He will sometimes bark at them when on lead, although he is easily distracted away from them.  He has met dogs through fences and there has not been any aggression, he has sniffed and then moved away.
We had Marley over New Year and he was not fazed by the fireworks.  He is also not bothered by traffic, joggers or bicycles.  He has met a cat whilst on a walk and he became extremely excited, so it is advised that he lives in a cat free home.
He has some basic training under his belt and is very good with leaving food articles when asked and waiting for his food bowl to be put down.  We have noticed that he can be a little protective of some food articles (giving off a small growl), but we are working on this by teaching hands come to give and also exchanging chews for higher value foods.


​He is such a handsome and lovely chap, he would make someone an incredible companion.​ He probably would be happiest as an only dog but he might learn to tolerate others. He seems fine with children but definitely does not like cats.
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