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Breed:  greyhound

Age: 2 years 

Minimum Donation: £100.



Jester  is a 2 year old lurcher who was handed in to dogsfriends along with his brother as he was no good at racing as he was too laid back and gentle. 


Previous foster carer update -


 'We did try him in our home but it was clear he needed another dog with him when we were not around as he would cry, he would also take food from the work surface and swallow it down as quick as he could, having 2 young children in the house we were worried he would take food from them as they walk around eating a lot! Jester is a sweet soul and we would love to see him rehomed , in my opinion that would be with another dog for company and guidance, with someone willing to train him on recall and house training and who will be tolerant to his eating kennel habits, I know this all sounds negative but as a big fan of Jesters ( I walk him whenever I can) Here are his good points, he is a sweet soul who doesn't leave your side around the house, he is docile around people. He is calm and travels well in the car, he walks beautifully on the lead, with the right owner with a few treats in their pocket, Jester would be loyal and try his best to please you, he just hasn't found that person yet to give him that time and a comfy bed.The person for Jester would be someone with time, another dog in the house and with or without older children.'

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