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Breed:  Greyhound

Age: Young

Minimum Donation: £100.



Dawn the Fawn is a very pretty, extremely friendly and well behaved young Greyhound girl.  She had been waiting very many months in another rescue for a home - without luck.  So she has come over to us and , hopefully, she will be luckier here and get a great forever home soon.  She has always lived with other Greyhounds and will most likely be happier where there is at least one other friendly dog to show her the ropes of living the life of a 'pet'.


Foster carer report -


Dawn is fantastic. Settled in very well.

I don't know if you know her history but I got the impression she had never used stairs before... she fell up them then fell back down them. Anyway, with a bit of training and practice, she's actually rather graceful now!
Initially she was easily distracted when called but her recall is improving quickly and she's a pleasure to take for walks. The poor dog gets four or five walks a day.
Also, when she first arrived, she jumped up constantly; on every person she met, whenever we were preparing food or eating. This has also vastly improved.
She is tremendously affectionate and we are already very attached to her.

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