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Breed:  American Bulldog

Age: 10 years old

Minimum Donation: £100.



Armani is a beautiful 10 year old American Bulldog. She has ended up iwith us after finding herself as a stray and going to the pound. We don't know how this kind older lady found herself on the streets but we want to find her a fantastic home to spend her retirement. She is fab with people and other dogs. 




Amarni is doing so well here.  She is a great old lady and has started to really show her personality now.  She adores pottering round and rolling in the grass is her favourite thing.  Hence the mud on her.  She's been great with all the other dogs and will give a discreet growl if they are too bouncy round her.  When she went to the vet for a check up, this lovely dog travelled very well sharing the car with other dogs and she was fine in the busy surgery too.

Her back legs are getting stronger now she is having more regular, appropriate exercise.
It would be great to find her a comfortable foster or, even better, forever home for her please.  She is just no trouble and loves human company and friendship.
This lovely lady has now been with me for almost 5 months now as a foster pooch,we have had ups and downs with skin reactions to pollen,but have found ways to ease that.She is an easy going dog and very loving.Whilst with me she has a loving home but maybe someone would love to have her permanently.She is a beautiful dog and if someone chooses to adopt her they will find a loyalty and love that is priceless.


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