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Breed:  Staffie

Age: 3 years old

Minimum Donation: £100.



Zeus is a very handsome 3 year old Staffy who came to us though absolutely no fault of his own. He is an energetic, friendly with everyone, ball of fun. Zeus would be better going to a home without younger children as he could accidentally knock them over with enthusiasm.


UPDATE April 2017 -


Young, slender, long legged Staffie, Zeus, has been waiting very many months in kennels for a new home.  He has really reached the end of his stoic patience and has started to be extremely stressed and self harm.  He is such a people loving, affectionate boy and craves company.  It is obvious he was very much loved by his previous owner and it's so sad that that person was made to give Zeus up by his social workers.  

Zeus is very good with other dogs, though slightly submissive with playful ones.  He is really really missing old lady Amarni, the American Bulldog, since she was lucky enough to go to a foster home.  They spent very many hours together mooching round the fields and yard here when the weather was good.
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