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Breed:  Jack Russell Terrier

Age:  3 years old

Minimum Donation: £200.



I really really really don't know how a dog can be so unlucky with finding his forever home as young Butch is being !!!!!!

Last Autumn his young owner suddenly, unexpectedly sadly died.  Butch came to us as there was no family or friends of his owner who could take him in.  He went to a foster home.  The foster carers decided to adopt him - then, after a while, changed their minds.  So Butch came back here and was adopted a short while later.  He did very well but, again after a few months, the man who adopted Butch decided that having a dog was too much work and a commitment so, once again, Butch came back here.  He was adopted again by another couple with another playful little dog.  Unfortunately, and completely shocking to us, Butch 'snapped' at the lady when she went to pick him up to take him inside as he was having a great time chasing and barking at birds flying over head.
That's the very condensed facts regarding Butch's time over the last few months !!!  Unbelievable.  There must be someone, somewhere  who is sensible and committed for this great, lively, friendly, happy, clever little Jack Russell.??????  He is zero trouble here and great company.
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