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Breed:  Rottweiler

Age:  8 years old

Minimum Donation: £100.



Bella has been with foster carers for a while due to difficult family circumstances. The family had hoped to have her back but they are not in a position to do so and due to no fault of here own, Bella is looking for a long-term home.


Her foster carers say -


'Bella would suit a calm household. She has met children and has been ever so gentle with them but for living arrangements, she would suit older children who know how to be around and interact with a dog. 

We also think she would be fine living with another dog, as long as their temperaments were well matched and the other dog accepted her into its home. 

In the house when she is not out walking she spends most of her time snoozing on her bed, occasionally coming in with a waggy tail for a cuddle and then off she goes to snooze some more. 

She may bark at the door if someone knocks but she won’t bark for long and if you tell her that’s enough she listens'.


Her foster carers can provide more information and answer any questions you may have.




Bella came to us quite a boisterous dog when it came to other dogs, and to start with we weren’t sure whether all this boisterous behaviour was because she was just extremely excited or whether she wanted to go for the other dog. Luckily for Bella, myself and my partner are both professional dog walkers and we have put a lot of patience and time into slowly getting Bella to calm down and learn some social manners so that she could hopefully then go on to living a life with more freedom and happy days playing with other dogs etc.. 
Dogs are social animals and need time socialising with other dogs to be happy balance pups, and it turns out that she had not been socialising much with other dogs whilst in her former family’s care and so all the time lacking in this just created a lot of very hyped excitement, which then led to frustration which then led to her going nuts every time she saw a dog. 

Bella now is Amazing with other dogs and keeps filling our hearts with pride. 

As for other dogs in her space, we on occasion have our clients dogs come to stay over night for a period of time and Bella is great with other dogs in her home.
She’s quite happy to share her space, isn’t possessive of her bed or food, and will share toys. She can give a bit of a growl if another dog tries to take her toy if she’s enjoying it, but that’s all it is, because if the other dog does decide to take her toy anyway then she doesn’t do anything and usually ends up in a game of swapsies. 

We don’t have children but she has met toddlers and young children and is extremely gentle around them, but like with any dog and child, always needs supervision. 

In the house she makes a great guard dog as she is definitely very protective of her space and new people coming in need to be introduced properly to her so that she doesn’t scare them off. 
She’s also completely fine being left alone for a reasonable period of time and is quite happy just curled up having a snooze until you return. 
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