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Breed: Lurcher

Age: 8 months old

Minimum Donation: £200.



Rescued from the pound and in very good shape physically and mentally. A very handsome boy!


Foster carer update -


MILKMAN has settled in quickly in his foster home. He is well behaved (for a puppy) gets on well with the other lurcher he is living with and has been 100% clean in the house since he arrived a week ago.

Milky is very friendly and affectionate and would love a home where there is someone there most of the time, able to give him the time and training any young dog needs. He would love another friendly, playful dog as a companion. As yet he has not been cat tested.


April update -                    Dearest Milkman (now called “Murphy”), who is fondly fostered,   started off his day enjoying this beautiful woodland walk. His day soon ended with him having a full anaesthetic and over 40 stitches as he ran into a large and very spiky branch whilst exploring this stimulating environment. Many, many thanks and acknowledgement must go to “Coppins vets” in Gloucestershire where Ken and his wife Amie reduced the cost of his vet fees significantly. Without their help and support we would be finding these extra fees a real challenge. Thank you everyone for your continued support. We appreciate you all, and most of all, the dogs do!!



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