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Breed: Labrador Retriever

Age: 7 years old

Minimum Donation: £200





Joseph and Bess are two lovely black Labrador Retrievers who arrived here a couple of weeks ago.  Their owner has become too frail to look after them and has, very sadly, realised that they need a new home/s.  Both dogs have been very much loved and the constant friends and companion to their lady.  They had lead a very secluded and quiet life so have found it very daunting being away from their home.  There, they had a very large garden and a field for exercise so have never been used to going away from their home.  So it was very daunting and shocking for them when they first arrived here.  Though they are both very well behaved and trained, Bess, especially, is too scared to walk with a lead on.  Both dogs, especially Joseph are very very slender too.
It is a real dilemma as to whether to rehome them separately or together.  They both need very country homes with kind patient people.  Both are 100 per cent good with other dogs.  They adore retrieving.  They will just need a lot of time and people with patience to get used to going out in the world.  If parted, both definitely need to go where there is at least one other calm friendly 'role model' other Labrador.  Ideally, they will go to a new home together where there is already another dog.  Though not litter mates, these two dogs have spent their whole 7 years of life living very happily together.
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