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Breed: Beagle

Age:  3 years old

Minimum Donation: £200.



Higgins came to us last summer when he was two years old from his elderly owner who had became too ill to look after him.  When he first arrived with us, Higgins was massively overweight and fairly shy.  He got adopted a little while later.
For the first few months in his new home, Higgins got on very well and they were pleased with him.  Very unfortunately, problems developed, culminated with Higgins and the man in the family having a big fall out and Higgins coming back here a few weeks ago.  We took him to see our vet for a complete check up.  He was very well behaved and nothing wrong was found.
Since he has been back, we have really tested and spent a lot of time observing, playing and training with this young dog.  He really has not put a foot wrong in any respect.  He even went and spent a week staying with a local home dog boarding lady.  There he met a lot of other dogs, people, cats, hens, etc.  Again, not a paw wrong.  Slightly like to 'guard' the sofa but this was quickly and easily nipped in the bud.
 We know he developed a really issue with the man in his last home.  He was very nervous when he first came back to us and would wet himself when first approached.  
Higgins adores exercise, playing with other dogs, travels very well, etc. etc.  He has got his confidence back and is a lovely, slender weight.  We are looking for a kind, sensible but strong minded forever home for him.  Several experienced people  here will be very happy to offer tips and advice re Higgins.  Another dog or two already in the home would be great.


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