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Breed: Lurcher

Age:  7 months old

Minimum Donation: £200.




Foster update - 


We're thrilled to say that Yogi has now moved from our kennels into foster care and is settling in very well. He is currently living with two other dogs (one of them is jester who is in foster care too), and is showing that he is a very fast learner. He has lots of separation anxiety but is fantastic with other dogs and someone who is at home or works from home all day. He has a lot of etiquette to learn as has lived almost all of his young life in kennels, but he is responsive and works hard in training and has plenty of affection to give anyone willing to commit to him. Yogi is also exceptionally good with children and other animals but he has not had the opportunity as yet to meet babies or cats.



Yogi is a very sweet, friendly, intelligent young lurcher. He is about 7 months old and has, very sadly, spent most of his short life so far, stuck in kennels.  Yogi is fantastic with all other dogs and people of all ages (not tried him with babies or toddlers though).  He's great with livestock but he has not seen cats yet.
We would like Yogi to go in to a home asap, preferably where there is another friendly young dog for him to play with and learn from.  But people, having attention and training, and getting a life out and about is the top priority for this lovely little soul.
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