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Breed: Beagle

Age:  5 years old

Minimum Donation: £200.



FOSTER CARER UPDATE - Jewel the beagle (5years old) has settled beautifully and is now house trained, she enjoys walks on the lead but still a little unsure of noises and smells whilst out and about. Jewel is great with my 3 year old twins, takes no notice of my cockatiel and is happy sharing the home with a mini yorkie and cats!

She is very lovable, and craves love and attention, she enjoys being stroked and made a fuss of.


Jewel is a newly retired, 5 year old, white and tan ex breeding Beagle.  She arrived here this morning with three other starved dogs.  You could not find a nicer, kinder, sweeter little lady.  Jewel deserves a great forever home, where there is at least one other dog (preferably a Beagle).  She has never known the comfort and the life being a 'pet' dog.  She was named Jewel as she is a real treasure !!!   She needs a foster home immediately before being adopted.

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