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Breed: Cross breed

Age:  c. 8 months old

Minimum Donation: £200.





Rubella is proving to be a lovely, well behaved girl. She loves children and to date bar a 'curious sniff ' has shown no interest in the cat or ducks!!

At the moment she is finding it a bit daunting living with other dogs but this is being worked on and she is allready showing progress. So for now Rubella would be best suited as an only dog, where she woud make and intelligent,, loyal companion.




Rebella is a young cross bred girl who was dumped on the Brecon Beacons a few weeks ago.  She had on a big harness and a big collar, both of which had thick blue trailing ropes attached.  She spent the seven days in the Pound then came over to us for rehoming.  At first, we could not get near her, even to take the things off her, as she was so scared.  But, with tasty food and a calm approach, she quickly became friendly.  However, it was very clear she had had NO training, boundaries or socializing.  Some of the staff and volunteers have worked very hard with her over the last few weeks and she has very quickly proved to be intelligent and really wanting to please.  So now we are looking for a great foster or forever home for her.  She will, like any pup, need further training and nurturing.  We think she is about 8 months old now.  Rebella is a very unusual colour.  She is, we think, a small lurcher.

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