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Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Age:  4 years old

Minimum Donation: £200.



One of the three starving staffies that came into us recently. 


Foster carer update - I am so please to say that Willow is now ready to move on to her forever home, she now weighs 11 kg & looks very healthy & bright eyed bless her although she isn't @ her target weight this can be achieved with her new family. She is a very sweet & loving little girl, loves people, children & sociable with other dogs in the park. it would be nice if Willow went to a family with older children as she is very food orientated and I feel she would take biscuits etc from a small child  - or an older couple who can give her lots of cuddles. Willow is getting very attached to me and showing signs of anxiety separation even when left for a short time which is understandable really. I don't know how she would be with another dog in the home as food will always be a problem for her.

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