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Breed: Lurcher

Age:  c.4 years old

Minimum Donation: £200.



Tegan arrived here a couple of weeks ago with another similar dog, whom we called Theresa - neither dog had been named or chipped.  The rescue that they both came from were told by the person that handed them in that they were litter sisters who had happily spent their whole lives together.  Both dogs had a major scrap with each other as soon as they arrived here and we have had to keep them well apart.  Also, when our vet checked them on the day they got here, she aged Tegan as about 4 and Theresa 7.  So their past reminds a real mystery to us.
It is very obvious though that they have had no training, no constructive exercising and zero socialization with ANYTHING.  Both girls will need very patient, understanding homes where they can be nurtured, trained and 'turned round' from being feral to pet dogs.
They are both improving here daily with the kindness and common sense of our lovely staff and volunteers. 
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