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Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Age:  7 years old

Minimum Donation: £200.



Sally Rose is a beautiful black and white Cocker Spaniel bitch age 7 years.  She is an ex-puppy farm breeding bitch and hasn't had an easy life but that hasn't changed her loving and sweet personality at all.  She really is a lovely dog.  She would love to be someone's special lap dog and cuddle all day long.  She likes to walk and is keen and eager.  She can pull a bit but this is a simple enough thing to correct, she's just really enthusiastic to get out and get going!  Coming from a kennel environment, Sally has no previous training and she's just learning manners now.  She does feel, very strongly, that she should be allowed on all furniture and definitely should sleep with us (not happening!)  She's now learned 'down' and 'sit' and we're working on more commands with her.  She can be stubborn but she's just small enough to pick up and carry so she doesn't get her way for long! What does she get stubborn about?  Going out in the rain mostly!  Or just leaving her comfy and warm bed!  Sally came to us with bad teeth, an ear infection and a skin problem. She's had 9 (yes 9!) teeth out and the infections are cleared now.  She's also been spayed.  She came home from the vets after being spayed and having her dental work done and we just couldn't believe the difference!  She's so happy, bouncy and generally just totally different than she was in the first days we fostered her.


What sort of home would suit Sally Rose best? Well she ideally would have another dog for company and to teach her the ways of the world for a 'normal, pet, house dog' not a kennel breeding dog.  She was very confused when she first arrived here and scared of my two (neutered) boy dogs.  They weren't interested in her  and she just didn't get that at all!  Now she's calmed down so much and has realised other dogs can be friends to her.  She does get a little jealous if I'm cuddling one of the other dogs and may take a week or two to settle with a new dog-friend but a quick no to her if she grumps and growls stops it immediately.   Sally Rose absolutely loves children (especially little girls) but she'd be best with children of 10+ as she is getting a little older and really wouldn't like to be fussed and picked up by children at all.  Sally Rose would love a home where someone was around most of the time.  She's okay to be left for short periods but wouldn't like being left for more than a couple of hours at a time. On the other hand, she's a nosy, inquisitive little girl and would love to accompany you out and about doing your normal, daily activities.  She's great in the car and really would enjoy being your constant companion. 

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