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Breed: Lurcher

Age:  6 years old

Minimum Donation: £200.



Timid, tiny lurcher girl, Theresa, arrived here a few weeks ago from another rescue.  She is about 6 years old and goodness knows where she had spent these years.  She is so so scared but incredibly sweet and gentle.  We have been giving her time and nurturing.  Theresa is slowly but surely responding to this.  She is getting a little braver but will still need a lot of time and patience plus someone with common sense.  Another friendly dog will help her too.


Update - February


Theresa who we are calling Betsy now is coming on very well. She is gaining confidence daily setting in with her two doggie friends beautifully. 

Toilet training is going well. 

Betsy is a fast learner and is sitting and waiting before eating. 

She accepted a friend's dog coming to stay for a few hours a day. 

Cannot believe how quickly she is coming along going to make someone a loving companion. 

If interested in her she will need gentle introduction before leaving her foster home but worth the patience.


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