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Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Age:  7 years old

Minimum Donation: £200.




We have had Fergus with us for about 2 weeks now and it feels like a lot longer, he's settled in really well.  He is a 7 year old Yorkshire Terrier (the larger type, not the very small type).  He came to us after having problems with his previous adopter. He nipped both his original owner and his adopter when waking up suddenly to them stroking his back.  He has been fine here, we have noticed he is very dominant and more than a little spoiled maybe :o)  He is responding very well to firm but fair treatment and has now mostly accepted my other two dogs.  He is better with dogs of his own size than big dogs but he would prefer to be an only dog really, he still growls and snaps occasionally at my GSD who he finds a little intimidating! He does play happily with my Bichon Frise who is a very similar size to him but again prefers not to share cuddles etc (mostly because he never has!)  He has not been cat tested at all but ignores my chickens completely.

Fergus is completely house trained, he hates going out for a pee in the cold though so needs some encouragement!  He loves to walk, he's good on the lead if a little strong sometimes (enthusiastic!)  He has good basic training and can 'sit', 'go to bed' and 'go out for wee wee's'.  He is very loving and asks for cuddles really nicely by tapping you with his paw, he also 'knocks' by tapping the back door when he wants to come in!

We haven't noticed any aggression at all when asleep or when cuddling but apparently nipping on waking is a common trait among terriers and something to be aware of.  We are conscious of it and talk to him before touching him, we've had no issues.  We have children and he loves them to pieces, he frequently gets cuddles and love from them.  We have stated children over 12 years only for Fergus due to them needing to be completely aware that he needs his own space and that he hates being picked up.  Any children (and adults) need to be aware of this but not fearful, Fergus isn't an aggressive dog, he's a grumpy dog!  He just needs an experienced home who will treat him like a dog, not spoil him too much and give him his own space.  He's an angel if he's just respected and allowed to chill on his own sometimes.  He would benefit from having a crate as he enjoys having his own 'den' to retreat to sometimes.  He's also not the dog for you if you don't want your pet on the sofa, he's a total sofa hog!




We got asked to take in seven year old, big Yorkshire Terrier, Fergus, at the beginning of last week as he had nipped his elderly owner when she touched him whilst he was sleeping on his back on her lap !!   In the five years she and Fergus had lived together, he had never ever snapped before.  


We had a family who was waiting for a dog like Fergus, so he went straight to them.  Unfortunately, he nipped the elderly lady there too!!!  He has had a complete vet check and there seems to be no health issues with him by the way.


So Fergus came here yesterday and is now sharing the office/reception with several other dogs quite happily.  In fact, as I write this, he is racing round the yard with 10 other friendly dogs.


This little dog needs an active, confident place to live as he has been zero trouble here where there is lots going on and nonsense is NOT tolerated (or that's the idea anyway)!!!  He is not a lap dog but he is a great companion and friend.

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