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Breed: Collie

Age:  c. 3 - 4 years old

Minimum Donation: £200.



Foster carer's Report -


He has settled well into foster care but personally unless the new owners were experienced with collies then I wouldn’t feel comfortable with re-homing him at the moment although people are welcome to make enquiries about him as he is a quick learner and we are working on any issues.

He has shown jealousy if I give my other dogs attention, hence two puncture wounds on my leg which we are addressing with behaviour training, and being a clever boy he is learning super quick. He was doing the same to my son when his collie got too close, it was only gentle tugs. Have sorted that out now and he doesn’t do it. 

He is an amazing dog and very affectionate - just needs to be an only dog in a house now - preferably without children. My children know what they are doing but I cannot be sure he would handle full-on children.

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