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Age:  5 years old

Minimum Donation: £200.



Buster is a very lovely 5 year old Staffie.  He arrived here a couple of weeks ago as his owner had recently changed jobs and was having to leave Buster, and Bluebell, the little JR who arrived with him, together for 10 hours a day alone at home.   Buster had a very perilous start in life and was fortunate to be taken in by his previous owner and given a lot of training and care.
This dog has not put a paw wrong since arriving here.  He is so well behaved and such a good dog.  He has lived with a range of ages of children, five house cats and, of course, Bluebell.  It is heart breaking that he is very sad here and has lost his voice from quietly crying to himself as he hates being kennelled. Even though he really does not like it, he makes no fuss and we all love him.
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