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Breed: Staffie X

Age:  9 - 10 years old

Minimum Donation: £50+



 He is older 9-10 and has bad elbows so will need to be on long term pain relief. Amazing with dogs, cats, kids. Was at the welsh rescue for 5 years -  really really special dog. Zac has the most amazing temperament. He is balanced and happy. A very special dog who needs a kind, gentle person to love him and help him live out his days in love and peace.

FOSTER CARER UPDATE - He is a strong character and needs just that direction at times when he gets excited, especially when I have another 5 dogs in the house.  He has adapted to this environment perfectly really.  Dogs, all types of animals, people, noise, crazy busy times, he seems to take it in his stride.  
He loves his walks and us old uns stroll while everyone else goes mad.  
My pet chicken is walking about (me supervising) and he as been told to leave her alone and really, he just gets it.  My dogs will have helped him to adapt so quickly and the fact he is such an gent is making life easy.  
I need to be on my toes at feed time and walk time as these are exciting moments in a dog's life and thats when I feel if any thing will kick off for any dog in general it would be then. He has been run into a couple times and has gone on the defensive so a quick loud noise to redirect his focus and he just plods on quite happy. 
So far feeding is not a problem, he is polite not at all food aggressive with me,waits nicely and eats nicely with the others and respects all their space as they are all are fed in the kitchen together. 
He sleeps by the side of my bed and snores beautifully ALL NIGHT.  2 of my dogs sleep on the bed with me and he is quite happy to accept this and curls up all snug in a blanket and cushions on top of a dogs bed!!!!! Actually last night took himself off to bed and waited by my door until the rest of us were ready to go up giving a little sigh and winge.  I ignored him and he sat there quite patiently.  He manages the stairs at his own pace and is in fact ok coming down them as well, however I always walk in front of him to give him encouragement and if he was to slip then I am there.
I do hope this helps in understanding his needs and wants when a new home and companion is found.  He really is a special boy.
There isnt much wrong with him apart from his legs which dont seem to bring him much worry if it is managed correctly with gentle exercise and meds.  He is strong both mentally and physically so I feel he would need a strong character that is going to call the shots, forget he is a rescue and give him the love he deserves whilst giving him the direction he needs to keep him balanced and a gentle soul.


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