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Breed: Labrador X

Age:  18 months old

Minimum Donation: £200.



Poor boy has come to us to look for a loving home - through no fault of his own, he has lived in kennels for the last year!


He has part missing from his right ear and has rubbed oneside of himself a little raw by rubbing up against the wall of the kennels.  He is said to be good with most dogs. He would need a very active house. Probably best suited with teenagers! 




He has settled in really well. He is almost house trained and learns very quickly. Loves hanging out with his foster brothers and his humans. He needs to learn not to pull on the leash so much - he definitely thinks he is taking me for a walk rather than vice versa, but we are working on that. He is a really soppy puppy who loves his cuddles. He also has a mischievous side and loves to steal slippers, shoes, hats....he runs away with them, but leaves them unharmed! He will suit a family that have one or more dogs that he can play with and where there is lots of daily exercise. We take him for over an hour a day and he is up for more! Bryn is ready to find his forever home now, but it must be one that understands that he is an overgrown puppy who needs direction and training. In return, his lucky family will get a loving gorgeous boy, who can't believe his luck to be out of the kennels and in a warm home. I wouldn't recommend small children as he does do tigger bounces!

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