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Breed: crossbreed

Age:  4 years old

Minimum Donation: £200.



We recently got asked to take in a dog because his owner is no longer able to care for him as he has had to go away.  Friends and family had tried everywhere to get someone to take this much loved dog but everyone said they could not.  We were told Milo was a Staffie cross Rhodesian ridgeback unneutered strong dog.  With slight apprehension (as this did not sound like a great mix of breeding) I agreed to take him in as I hate the thought of any dog we are begged to help being killed.
So, a few days ago, I went to pick up Milo.  My apprehension grow slightly when he was lead over to me in the carpark where we had agreed to meet, and he had the tightest muzzle I have ever seen put on a dog !!!  Goodness know how had managed to breath and walk.  My first question was 'why has he that muzzle on?'  The chap said that, because Milo was rather nervous and usually barked at strangers which caused people to be 'scared' as he has a very deep woof, he was always muzzled when out.  I asked for the muzzle to be removed immediately.  The chap was amazed that Milo did not woof.  Milo was amazed he could breath, relax and yawn (a stress release for canines).  And I was amazed to instantly fall in love with this special, wonderful, noble dog !!!!
Milo has not put a paw wrong here.  He is 4 years old and has had a very challenging life at times.  He absolutely loves the freedom and fields here.  He's been fantastic with all the dogs he has met and played with.  I really and truly can't see any Staffie or Ridgeback in him.  He is just a large, extremely handsome cross bred.
I would love to adopt him.  I am completely besotted by him.  But I have a lot of dogs already and he so deserves his own devoted person who will give him lots of fun and adventures, stability and love. !!!!!!   Only a true five star home and person will do for Mr 'Mazing, Magical Milo.
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