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Age:  4 years old 

Minimum Donation: £200.



Douglas is a collie cross Staffie and was born in October 2013.  He was given as a 'present' by a man to his elderly father.  Douglas, being a mix of two very active, smart breeds, was apparently a mega challenge for an older person and so, sadly, this super friendly, active and clever dog ended up in a rescue recently and he came to us a few days ago.  He was lucky enough to quickly go in to an active foster home where there are two other young collies, children and lots going on.  So Douglas is in his element. This lovely lad needs a great forever home. 
Foster carer update - He is the tick box king. We walked around the Docks, perfectly behaved. Went to the pub.... said hello to everybody then curled up to sleep. He is 4 1/2 years old and is bouncy and fun as a puppy with the wiseness of his age. What a great dog, incredibly bright. He has the Collie intelligence with the cuddles and love of the Staffie. Half of me does not want you to post this as in 24 hrs he has burrowed in our hearts.
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