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Breed: Collie

Age:  2 years 4 months (born 21 December 2015)

Minimum Donation: £200.



We received a phone from a lady needing help with her pack of collies.  She had a pair of working collies and bred a litter of pups.  She loved them a lot so kept them all.  Then the parents had another litter.  And again, she could not bear to part with them.  Now the pup are adults, there has started to be a lot of disharmony between the dogs.  I went to meet them last week and collected the first one they wanted rehomed.  It was a very interesting - and rather daunting - experience meeting this pack of dogs !!!!
Max was born on 21st Dec 2015.  He had never left his secluded home and his canine family before.  None of the pups had been taken to training or socialisation classes.  This is something that is vital to do.  He is very clever as a 'working' dog would be.  He is, of course, totally shell shocked at the change.  But he has really started to thrive.  Max has lots of excellent canine role models here to watch and learn from.
We are looking for a very special person to adopt Max.  Someone who knows collies and has the time and passion to train and nurture Max.  This little lad has massive potential in the right hands.  As soon as we find him a great home, I will go and collect another of his family.
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