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Breed: Bedlington x Whippet
Age:  1 year
Minimum Donation: £200.
Dougie is a very cute, but rather shy, one year old terrier.  His owner has not had time to care for Dougie and do much training.  So this lovely little lad is looking for a great foster/forever home, where he can be nurtured and given a great life.
FOSTER CARER UPDATE - We welcomed our new foster puppy Dougie on Thursday, he’s settled in well overnight, with only a few wee accidents 👍🏼, my 8 year old daughter Lia and I took him for a walk on Friday morning, he’s great on the lead and really brilliant with our 2 children, Lia who is 8 and our 2 year old. He sleeps in a crate overnight and is fine with it and stays in if we’re out for longer than an hour although he was left for 2 hours yesterday out of his crate and we had no accidents at all which is brilliant. He’s becoming less timid each day and starting to respond to his name which he wasn’t at first. He’s becoming more like a puppy every day and our next step will be to start getting him to come back when we call his name. He is such a good dog, brilliant with children and all adults, he just needs a bit of love and a family to fit into. He certainly fitted in really easily with us.
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