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Breed: Dachshund

Age:  4 years

Minimum Donation: £200.



Anton is a gorgeous dachshund boy. Having never had a family of his own before, he is extremely affectionate, and cuddly (if a little clingy) and will gaze lovingly into his owner's eyes. This does mean that he can become very protective and jealous around the person he loves, so this will need to be managed. He is nervous of strangers, especially men, although this has not been a problem out on walks he would prefer to have a safe cage to go into when any visitors come round.
He is very playful, and loves walks and running around at full speed! He lives happily with other dogs and cats, but can be food aggressive when around others.
Anton will need patience and hard work as he has been very under-socialised growing up, but he will make someone a fantastic pet and he is definitely worth it. He would prefer to live with a single lady, or possibly a female only household as he is frightened of men,  no children. 


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