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Breed: West Highland Terrier

Age:  5 years

Minimum Donation: £200.



Suzie is a 5 year old West Highland Terrier (Westie) girl.  She is a 
former breeding dog so has had puppies before but will be neutered or 
come with a neutering agreement when adopted.  Suzie is sweet and 
friendly with children and dogs alike but doesn't like it when dogs sit 
on her (who would!)  She's not shy with dogs and will 'put them in their 
place' if necessary but it's quick and then sorted, she's not nasty in 
any way that we've found.  She lives happily with bigger dogs (my 
smallest is about 8kg, largest over 40kg) and gets on well and loves 
playing with them.  She also lives with my children, 7 and 11.  She 
didn't really understand these short people at first but as long as 
children are calm and gentle with her she loves them.

Suzie is about 80-90% house trained in just a couple of weeks. She 
doesn't yet understand how to ask to go out but as long as she's let out 
regularly this is no problem.  She's clean overnight and happy to be 
left for short periods up to 2-3 hours.  She wouldn't like to be left 
for longer, she's a very cuddly people dog who loves attention.  She's 
just started learning to walk on the lead so that's a work in progress 
and she's going to need ongoing training.  This isn't a big issue as, 
frankly, she's a clever girl who wants to please.  A gentle and loving 
person with a little patience will have her fully trained in no time.  
Lots of support is also available if there are any problems.

Suzie needs a family or couple with another dog who is about her size 
(up to about 10kg) and who is friendly and playful without being too 'on 
top of her'.  She loves to play, isn't food aggressive, loves company 
etc. but won't tolerate being sat on (my Beagle boy does this ALL the 
time, we are working on it!)  I can't blame her really :o)  She'd love 
older children (6-8+) who are capable of being calm and gentle with 
her.  She doesn't want to be picked up or treated as a toy, she wants to 
be cuddled and loved calmly and gently.  If she can find that, she'll be 
in heaven!

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