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Breed: Lurcher

Age: 1 year

Minimum Donation: £200.



Lucy is a very pretty, small lurcher who has just had her first birthday.  She is extremely kind, gentle, great on the lead and to handle.  No one here can fault her in any way.  She seems a true little sweet heart.  We don't believe Lucy has ever been able to live in a house before or have her 'special' owner.  So she will need further house training, etc.  But she is very bright and keen to learn.  So usual, our lovely behaviourist Ros will be able to give help and advice regarding supporting and settling Lucy in to her foster / forever home.


Foster carer update -


Lucy loves running, all forms of playing, toys and cuddles. She adores people and is super keen to meet them. She is nervous with other dogs but once she realises they are okay, she gives them a good sniff, tail wag and play bow. She has seen a few cats and just wants to make friends with them. Lucy is a gentle girl and seems to be okay with children. She is very intelligent and has learnt everything faster than any other dog I’ve known! She been here 5 days and has already learnt sit, lie down, settle, some recall and the rules of the house. She has mostly figured out housetraining and just needs a little encouragement to relieve herself outside. She found the city streets very scary when she arrived so I can barely believe how far she has come in so little time. It’s beautiful to see that with just a little reassurance, she now gets excited about her walks. If she gets bored she likes to chew on things but this has already improved and stops if she gets to go for a good run. She is learning what is and isn’t appropriate to chew on. She doesn’t like being left alone yet, which is understandable considering she’s been here less than a week. She would make a fantastic family dog for active people who love relaxing and snuggling on the sofa as well as playing and walks. She just needs a bit of patience, energy, plenty of love and a secure place to be left alone if need be. Is there someone out there who can carry on with her training and provide her with a space to run around in? She has stolen the hearts of everyone she has met so far and truly is a fantastic dog. 

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