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Breed: Collie

Age: 7 years

Minimum Donation: £200.



Tess is a very handsome, striking, fluffy black and white Collie.  She had spent her life living with an elderly couple on their small holding.  Very sadly, both of them have recently died so Tess has lost every thing in her world.  She arrived here a couple of weeks ago and was quickly given a lovely make over as her long coat was very matted.
This dog is just amazing.  She is so well trained and her behaviour is great plus she's affectionate and interested in life.
We want to find Tess a great, active country home.  She is being fostered near Weston super Mare and is being a wonderful foster dog  for her carers apparently.  
Foster carer update -
Tess has been with us  for a week and in that time she has proved to be a very nice natured and affectionate dog.  Tess walks well on the lead and is ok with other dogs.  She is always happy to go out in the car and travels well.
We have left her for a couple of hours and is no problem at all.  We leave her in the kitchen at night and she is no trouble.
I feel she would be best suited to a family with older children only but is very much a peoples dog and loves nothing better than lots of loving.
Tess knows general commands and is obedient.  She enjoys her walks and loves play fetch with a tennis ball, which she is very good at giving back!
She really is a lovely natured dog.
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