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Breed: Crossbreed

Age:  3 years

Minimum Donation: £200.



Well, this big young girl has certainly had a very adventuresome life so far and has been through a huge amount of experiences - some good, a lot awful.  Yet still she has retained an amazingly friendly, happy outlook and is such a very good dog.  Suffice to say, we want to draw a big line and completely start again to find Mercedes her ideal forever home.  We know she is incredibly stoic and proved herself to be extremely resilient.
Mercedes is just about three years old.  She is very big and weighs 44kgs - though she looks a lot more.  She is very strong and playful but has no malice - except towards cats apparently.  We have no idea of her actual breeding and I would love to have a dna test done to establish the different breeds she is a mix of.
This big girl is brilliant with all people, including children.  Due to her size, we would only want her to be homed with bigger children though.  Due to some of the things she has been through in the past, she has had a very thorough health check and we have been monitoring her closely, but can find no health issues with her at all fortunately.
Mercedes really, really, really deserves her own home.  She is zero trouble here in her very large kennel and does not complain at all.  But we know she will be much happier living back in a home again.
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