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Breed: SBT

Age:  8 years

Minimum Donation: £200.

Betty was adopted by an older man a few years ago from a large dog rescue.  They lived in total peace, happiness and harmony.  Each completely adored each other.  Very sadly, the chap recently became terminally ill.  His postman promised to make sure Betty was safe and found another home when 'the time came'.  Unfortunately, 'the time' came much earlier then the doctors predicted and the man suddenly died last Friday.  His family phoned the large rescue who, allegedly (but completely believably to us) ''''kindly''''' agreed they would take her back and NOT charge the family to put her to sleep...…….   The postman leapt in to action, after a lot of calls, etc., found us.
This lovely, wonderful older lady arrived here last Sunday.  Though she is obviously really missing the chap and is rather confused, she has not put a paw wrong.  It is very hard to tempt her to eat, though she is eating more now.  Betty is hugely overweight at present, presumably because the man had been too ill to give her enough exercise.
We are looking for a wonderful, kind new home for this wonderful girl.  Her date of birth is 26th September 2009, though looks and acts rather younger than eight.  She loves playing with her tugger and is very bright.
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