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Breed: SBT

Age:  8 years

Minimum Donation: £200.



We were asked to take in Zach a few months ago as his current home did not have the time or good enough health to care for him.  He had had to spend most of his time locked away.  Sadly, when he first arrived here, Zach was in a rather bad condition.  He was lucky enough to go to a local foster family, where he has been really well cared for and pampered.  He's had all the necessary veterinary care now and, because, very sadly, his foster family are unable to adopt him, he is now looking for an equally lovely now home.  This needs to be calm and quiet with gentle people round him most of the time and with a big garden too preferably.  Zach is now the right weight, his skin and paws are good and he is very happy.


Foster carer update -


He is quiet, doesn't bark much at all.  He hasn't been left for long periods of time, but overnight he is quite happy to just sleep and is settled. He is good with my cat.... just curious, not aggressive at all.

When I took him to the vet he growled at other dogs.  He has now been neutered so I am not sure if that might help with his behaviour with other dogs?  The vet says he has put on the right amount of weight, and is now just right.  
He's not keen on coming when he is called, just prefers to keep on going until it suits him!  He's not high maintenance at all, very chilled, extremely friendly with humans but does jump up a lot.  
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