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Breed: SBT X

Age:  7 years

Minimum Donation: £200.



Before reaching us, Keila allegedly spent her entire life locked up in a small flat, in the centre of a city. Whilst this alone is an awful way for a dog to live, Keila’s story only seems to get worse. From what we have been told, Keila was forced to have litter after litter of puppies in order to build a profit for her owner. Once she became too old to breed, she was no longer a useful or profitable commodity, and so she was sold on the internet, discarded as simply a money-making machine.
With limited access to anything outside of the same four walls, alongside the awful treatment and loveless life she had apparently experienced, it would be easy to see how a dog like Keila could grow to hate people, becoming scared or aggressive when in their presence. But she didn’t. Upon her arrival in kennels, Keila was completely shocked by the concepts of love and affection, but with kindness and attention, she bounced back. Now, she loves nothing more than running around a field, pausing for some attention before taking off again, finally experiencing the freedom every dog deserves. In her kennel, she is clean and tidy, and whilst she would prefer to be an only-dog, she’s a quick-learner and is now able to walk past other dogs without any issue. Keila is not only stunning in looks, but also in personality; whilst we all adore her, she deserves to find her forever home where she can live out her retirement surrounded by affection, love and attention.
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