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Breed: Beagle

Age:   3 years

Minimum Donation: £200.



Betty the three year old Beagle - She is another fantastic little dog.  Had her first vax, kc, wormer and Advocate - 10 to 25.  She weighs 10.9kg.  Vet says she is in lovely condition and the right weight.  She has quite a lot of milk still so that will need watching.  Spaying in 4 to 6 weeks.  Good on the lead.  Great with all other dogs.  Just a lovely dog.  Betty needs chipping when she has her second vax as vets had run out of micro chips.
Betty is a 3 year old Beagle, a former breeding bitch.  She has come to us in foster care this week and absolutely blossomed, in just a few days!  She is slightly wary of people but absolutely sweet and friendly, she's just not used to us really.  She likes children (mine are 7 and 11) and would be fine around kids.  She totally loves my Beagle X and runs around the garden doing laps with him all day long!  She's great on the lead and she's great with any dogs she meets out and about.  Honestly, if I hadn't been told otherwise I'd take her for a puppy of max 12 months, she's so playful and fun.  Betty likes to run off with slippers and shoes, play with anything and everyone, chew on my dog grooming kit and generally have fun all day long.  

Betty has clearly had some training and has possibly lived in a home before but the training is minimal.  She has, so far, been clean in the house 80% of the time.  We've had a few accidents (as you might expect) but she's learning where to 'go' very quickly and has been clean and dry overnight for two nights now (our of three!) with no daytime accidents at all.  She's going to need ongoing training and lots of positive reinforcement but she's very trainable, clever and sweet so picks things up very easily.  Another dog in the household will be crucial to Betty as she will learn from them and gain confidence from them.  Betty is looking for an active home where she can run off her energy all day long.  She absolutely must have another playful, young and friendly dog in the home with her, she'd be lost without a friend.  She has not been cat tested but she does play so any cat would have to be a brave one, she's chased my chickens a couple of times but not maliciously, just to play, she has responded well to 'no' and diversions and isn't bothering them now.  Betty will need neutering in about 6 weeks and we will work with any adopters to ensure that this is done - preferably at our own vets.

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