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Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Age:   14 months

Minimum Donation: £250.



Benson is a golden Cocker Spaniel who was born in May last year.  He arrived here a few weeks ago as he was not getting on well with his owners.  They loved him dearly and had spent a huge amount of time and money (on behaviourists).  Sadly, things did not work out and they realised their home was not right for Benson as they both worked full time and Benson was stressed and not happy.   He developed guarding and being left issues.  
Things here suit Benson and he is doing very well.  He is undoubtedly nervous and a highly strung Spaniel.  He adores being with other dogs, having lots of freedom to race around and play, having as many things as he wants to 'guard' - though he does not have to guard them as they are not taken from him - and just generally chilling and working things out in his mind.
We hope Benson can go to one of our foster families soon to further his nurturing.  If an experienced forever home comes along, that would be fantastic too.  He needs some one very patient and sensible plus other good role model dogs.   He learnt to snap at his owners in his previous home and they got nervous of him - and vice versa.  He's not snapped here and we want him to NEVER snap again !!!



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