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RUPERT, - RESERVED (MARIGOLD and LUCY are now adopted)


Breed: Beagles

Age:   Rupert - 4 years Marigold and Lucy - 18 months

Minimum Donation:  £200. each



These three fantastic tiny beagles arrived here a few days ago. They were extremely worried to begin with as this has been the first time they had left their very rural Welsh home. Rupert is a 4 year old, newly retired stud dog. He adores litter sisters, 18 month old Marigold and Lucy. None of them appear to have ever walked on a lead or been out and about much. They are now loving racing round the yard together and have been fantastic with all the other dogs they have met here. In fact, they have been especially good at helping to give the young pups we have recently taken in, confidence. It is going to be very hard to get a home for them all together. There is no way they can be only dogs and it would be a mega shame to split the sisters. They all weigh about 11 kgs and it is a joy to watch them starting to explore the world.

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