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Breed: Whippets

Age:  Braveheart c. 3 years Beverly 10 years

Minimum Donation:  £350. together or £200. per dog



Beverly and Braveheart were handed in a couple of months ago. Nothing is known of their backgrounds – they are microchipped, but the chips weren’t registered, so there is no information at all and they had to be named here. They look like Whippets and act like Whippets but  are large for a Whippet (almost 19kg), so there may be a bit of something else in there. The guess is that Braveheart is about 3 years old, and Beverly about 10. People who see them assume they are mother and son, but we don’t know.

Braveheart was named by the Vet to whom he was rushed immediately he arrived. He had been badly mauled by another dog and had a terrible wound on his neck, which had been left untreated for several days. He was the perfect patient. He went into foster care, where he has been simply exceptional – to begin with, he had to have his dressing changed twice a day and there was not a single complaint; he is very affectionate and gentle; and of course he is lithe and athletic. He has made a full recovery, although there is one thing which still needs to be looked at (and will be explained).

Beverly has been fostered with Braveheart. She is a slow burner. She is so well mannered and gentle that you don’t notice that you’re becoming incredibly fond of her. Her grey muzzle makes her look old, but the rest of her coat is a gleaming black. 10 seems to be the new 7, because she remains playful and the sight of a lead is the most exciting thing in the world.

They walk well together on the lead. Their recall is good, but you wouldn’t want to let them off in a field of sheep! They will chase a squirrel, and put up a pheasant, but they don’t chase people, not even joggers or cyclists. No experience of cats. They are friendly with other dogs, and have been sharing with a variety of them.

They travel well in the car, and can be left in it for short periods. Similarly, they can be left in the house …although they would prefer they weren’t.

It is difficult to fault either of them, but to find something, they both jump up, and are only learning not to do so one person at a time. They can be homed separately or, of course, together




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