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Breed: Wilma is a Poodle X and Wendy is a West Highland Terrier

Age:  Both are 3 years

Minimum Donation:  £400.



Wilma is a totally delightful, very scruffy, little poodle cross ex breeding girl, aged (by vet), about three years old.  Wendy is her best friend and is an equally wonderful little lady.  Westie Wendy is also an ex breeding girl and the same age as Wilma.  Both were still full of milk when they first arrived here.  Both were in urgent need of having a massive make over.  This will take time to complete as both are in such a sad and sore state, coat and skin wise.

On the plus side, both girls are loving their new lives here and are very active and happy.  They are both so friendly and good.  Neither has put a paw wrong.  Considering their past, they are remarkable little dogs.  Both are great with all the other little and big dogs here.  They are extremely attached and, though they might get over being parted from each other, I would not be happy to do so at this stage.
So we are looking for a great forever home for these two special souls. 
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