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Breed: SBT

Age: 1 year 9 months

Minimum Donation:  £200.



Rico is a very handsome smallish blue Staffordshire Terrier who was born in March last year.  He had a very terrible puppyhood.  Things got worse in the home and he became a nervous wreck.  He was pushed way beyond what he could bear and in the end, snapped back.  So was booked to be pts.  The vets, knowing his history, asked us to take him in and give him a chance.  So he arrived here last summer.  He was incredibly nervous and jumpy so we were very kind and gentle with him.

He went to a foster home and did well then got adopted.  Very sadly, after a few weeks, the lady decided she did not want him anymore 'in case' things went wrong with him.
So Rico came back here a few weeks ago.  Yet another very sad, depressed, confused soul to have to nurture and give time and understanding to.  He has finally settled though he still hates being left in his kennel. It gives him great comfort to be right next to big girl Mya and they both adore racing round the fields playing together.
Rico is now looking for a great, kind, understanding adult home.  He, like all the other dogs here, has been assessed by our behaviourist and she can give any advice and support if people would like to have it.
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