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Breed: Jack Russell Terriers

Age: Sparkle is 2 years: Penny is 4 years

Minimum Donation:  £200. each



A while ago, two lovely little, newly retired Jack Russell's arrived here.  Penny, the older girl, had a very sore eye and was taken straight to our vets.  They thought the eye needed to be removed straight away but agreed to refer her to an eye specialist to see what was going on.  Some of you might remember seeing pictures of this brave little girl.  The specialist said she must have been in a lot of pain for a long time.  Penny tolerated having a very thorough examination, scans, etc. very stoically.  Anyway, they concluded that she was completely blind in that eye and nothing could be done to restore the sight.  So she had the operation and is coping very well.


Sparkles and Penny were delighted to be reunited when Penny returned here a few days later.   These two might well be mother and daughter.  They love each other and are great together.  Friendly, brave, good with everything.  They love people and are fine with other dogs generally. They went to a new family but Penny and one of the family's other terriers didn't get on so they have come back to us. No-one knows how the argument started or who started it.  They are getting braver on lead walks too.


We are looking for a great forever home for these two girls.  They are both about 10 kgs in weight.  Sparkles is 2 and Penny is 4.

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