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Breed: Welsh/Border Collie x

Age: 4 years

Minimum Donation:  £200.



Age: 4 years 3 months (Birth date 28/09/15). The name ‘Locque‘ is shortened from ‘Locquenole’, which is a small village in Brittany, France, where we have connections with.

Locque comes from a working dog family in deep wales where to of the farm dogs got together (Father: Welsh Collie / Mother: Boarder collie). We have raised him with his litter mate who we intend on keeping. This is where we have arrived at - a situation where keeping litter mates do not always work out.
Locque has a lovely character, he has lived with 2 cats and our daughter who is now 3. He will be extremely missed in our house and our family. He is neutered and fully vaccinated (December 21st, 2018) with Kennel Cough and all the usual, he has a pet passport so had rabies vaccinations.
He is house trained and will tell you when he needs attention (toilet and food). He is a gentle dog, he is from a working family, therefore as a collie, he needs attention, stimulation and exercise. We try to give him two 45 minute walks a day. He loves playing games, fetching the ball (not so much in bringing it back to your feet). Swimming and any stimulation.
Locque is a very clever and intelligent dog, he will try it on and to see what he gets away with it, be strict and stick to the rules and he will abide by them when told. He is always tuned in and will hear movement. For example, when the front door is knocked/rung. When the cat crosses the room. When a Stanger or someone from outside the house is present.
Locque has been socialised with other dogs since he was 12 weeks old.
Reason for re-homing: Due to the fact that Locque has been kept with a sibling has reflected on how the two dogs behave together. We have spent time in raising the dogs separately, however, there are still attachments and disadvantages in keeping siblings, they excite each other, wrongly stimulate each other and have created an unpleasant experience when being walked together. We have reached the decision that each dog requires single attention and time, it is in the interest of Locque that he will find a new loving family away from his brother. This dog will be truly missed and our memories will stay with us from the love we have received from him.
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