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Breed: Jack Russell Terriers

Age:  Penny (4) Sparkles (2)

Minimum Donation:  £300 for the pair



Penny, aged 4, and her daughter, Sparkles, aged 2, first arrived with us last summer from their previous home, a remote Welsh farm.  They are a lovely pair of smallish Jack Russells.  Soon after arriving here, Penny had to have an eye removed as it had previously been badly injured and it was blind as well as very sore for her.  She copes incredibly well with one eye.

Both girls are very attached to each other.  They went to a new home last Autumn but, very sadly, came back after there was trouble between them and another resident dog unfortunately.  
Sparkles and Penny are zero trouble here.  They are clean in their kennel, excellent and easy to walk on their leads, very well behaved and just a lovely pair of little ladies.  They love being out and about on the yard here and adore playing in the haylage feeder.  So we are looking for a rural home for them.



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