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Breed: Chihuahua x JRT
Age:   5 years

Minimum Donation: £200.



Vehicle driving, walking-mad, active, fun, sensible person looking for a true friend is sought - by Little Buddy !!!!!
This little chap arrived here as a stray from Brecon last summer.  He was chipped so we know his name, that he is a Chihuahua cross JR and his birth date.   But no more.  He is a dog with a mysterious past.   Since he has been with us, he has massively changed and what he loves and needs has become obvious.
Little Buddy adores travelling in the front of my van (with harness and seat belt of course).  He loves, loves, loves to run and run.  He can easily keep up with my big dogs on cycle rides on the moors.  Buddy adores exploring the yard and 'helping' with mucking out the sheep and ponies.  He's great on lead walks.  He is really just a great, active little dog with a huge heart and a huge love of life.
He's been living in our office reception for the last few months.  Kennels are no place to keep a little dog like him.  He is friendly and loves human company.  But he is a bit 'butch' and does not like too much smothering or fuss.  He does not suffer fools gladly but has never ever shown any aggression or snaps here.  Though, when he went to a couple of homes on trail, he did snap at faces when kissed apparently - hence his return.
Somewhere, there must be a lonely lively human looking for a lonely loyal little doglet?????
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