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Breed: Lurcher
Age:  4/5 years

Minimum Donation: £200



Gypsy is a female, 4/5 year old small brindle lurcher. She has come to foster with us until her forever home finds her. Things we have learnt so far about Gypsy:
Although surely wondering what on earth was going on, she was surprisingly quiet on the long car journey here. She knows what to do in a house, as in, colonise the sofa and pee in the garden. Her fur is as soft as velvet. She recognizes the cue 'sit' and will do this very gladly for a treat, thank you. She stays close whilst on lead (although this may change as she gets more confident.) She is incredibly gentle with humans and gets very excited and vocal playing with dogs.

More updates to follow as we get to know her.


Day 2 of Gypsy's adventures...

Today we learnt that Gypsy has the uncanny ability to hear a food packet from any room in the house, even when apparently asleep. She is very food motivated, which makes training very rewarding, but does mean you need to keep your bins on lock down and be watchful of your coffee.😂 
On her first outing with us she walked exquisitely on lead and harness. She was happy to wear both. We are using a mekuti harness with double attachment and she gets on with this very well. She was friendly and polite to all the dogs we met and showed no signs of stress with traffic or people. She was slightly spooked by a loud motorbike, but calmed quickly when soothed. She adored being in the woods and will reward you with happy kangaroo hops when called for treats. She is in the early stages of recall training, so will need to be on a long line or in a secure field or garden at first. *This girl loves to run.* Interestingly she seems to see home as a place to rest, and clearly but firmly refuses any offers of play from our resident dog. However, outside she is quite the socialite. 😆
I expect she could thrive as an only dog, or with other chilled dogs in the home. She will need a sofa and ideally a place to run. She is happy to recieve human visitors, will calmly say hello and then go back to snoozing on the sofa. She especially likes men and has very quickly formed a bond with the man in the house.
Little is known of Gypsy's past, but her torn ear tells us it was not a happy one, let's help make her an amazing future.
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