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Breed: Springer/SBT X
Age:   5 years

Minimum Donation: £200.



Missy is a Staffy/Springer Cross, though neither are very obvious in her. She’s very sweet: 5 years old this month, 15kg and in lovely condition, silky coat. She may be a bit cautious when meeting people or dogs, but after a few minutes is friendly and super affectionate. She’s been brought up with young children and likes them.

She’s good off the lead – gets her nose down, Springer style, but doesn’t stray far, very agile. On the lead, she’s learning quickly now that she has a Halti. She is reported to have chased cats in the past, but it may be that she would not have a problem living with them.

She would be perfect, except that she becomes fearful and panicky when she realises something is going to be done to her, for example at the Vet. She also doesn’t like going in cars, but this is being worked on – she now jumps in, but still doesn’t relax when travelling.

She hasn’t yet been neutered and this will need to be done in a couple of months’ time. It would be great if she could be settled into a new home before this has to be done.


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